Understanding What Pure Plant Extract Is

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In a world full of chemical consumption, befriending the pure plant extract is one of the best options you can possibly choose. You may ask yourself, why? During old times, plants were known for their medicinal properties, but there was no method to separate its essence from the plant. So, the consumption of said herbs was the best method to cope with illnesses. As times changed and the knowledge of science became more prevalent, the medicinal herbs were isolated, dried and powdered for better results. In the powder form, it is almost impossible to maintain the homogeneity, and thus, the effectiveness of each serving lessens considerably. This practice is still prevalent in modern times. However, it is known that herb oils contain the most potent essence of the plant. How these extracts are better as compared to the powders is one of the questions that tickle the curious minds. When these herbs are dried using any of the methods, it loses the oils in them. The mere shadow of the potency then remains. Thus, an opportunity is forever lost to use the medicinal herbs to its fullest advantage.

We at NuvoMed strive to bring you the magical blend of ancient formulation and modern enhancement with our pure plant extract products, to promote your health in a simpler manner. The pure extracts contain the medicinal nutrients at a much higher percentage than in any other form. The medicines made using these pure extracts are more potent and effective for its user. The effect of these medicines is quick and emphatic. NuvoMed has bought on the new transition of old herbal medicines by introducing pure plant extracts. In NuvoMed, the extraction process ensures the homogeneity of each serving, and therefore, the efficacy is better than ever before. There are stringent quality metrics in place for the betterment of your health, and any batch that fails to meet the required quality criteria is rejected.

The most effective herbal medicines are made using pure plant extracts. The majority of the natural essence is extracted in the form of oil obtained from flowers, bloom, seeds, leaves, etc. The basic rule of foraging for the essence lies in the depth of knowledge regarding the said herb. Multiple methods like expression, absorption, maceration, and distillation are used to obtain the most potent essence of the plants. The expression essentially crushes the fruit or any part of a plant to separate the solids and the juices. This process is used when oil is plentiful in that particular herb. Absorption takes place when the nutrients need to be extracted from the herbs in another method. Maceration is one of the most famous processes to extract the most potent essence of the plant by breaking it down to obtain the most potent ingredient in its complete nature. A varied array of solvents are used to increase the quality of the pure plant extract. It is not always the liquids that are extracted. Sometimes, when solids are to be extracted, multiple methods requiring a range of scientific instruments are used. However, thanks to the improved scientific community, we have all the required resources at our disposal. Distillation of the extracts to remove the impurities from within is also one of the processes involved in the extraction of pure plant extracts. At Nuvomed, quality checkpoints are prevalent at all stages of extraction as well as completion, all the way to packaging.

High-pressure treatment, chemical synthesis to obtain extracts from natural sources, desiccation, and separation are some other methods of nutrient extraction. The methods vary from plant to plant, one flora specimen at a time. Chromatography, or separation of mixtures, is also prevalent whenever there are any indications of adulteration or any discrepancies to the pure nutrient content.

In today’s hyperactive lifestyle and the chemical dependent world, it is essential to maintain a healthy and holistic approach to maintain the balance of the body and mind. Healthy eating, detoxing, and exercising are some of the healthy lifestyle promoters. NuvoMed is your friend that takes care of your health care needs.

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