Superfoods That Can Be Grown In Your Garden

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Eat healthy, think positive, exercise regularly; a lot of words said easily but not so easy to do right! Everyone has their own wisdom to share and you are just a listener. It’s time to change the dynamics, have fun and enjoy health. It’s easier than you think to connect with the positive vibes of the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine’s company. What if eating healthy, exercising and honing in positive vibes came in one neat package? It is possible! Superfoods are loaded with essential nutrients that are especially best when homegrown. Superfoods help you in thriving with vitality, enhanced immunity and amazing mental focus. In this blog, we will be discussing about some amazing herbs and vegetables that can be home grown that have tons of health benefits. It may sound dreamy, but it’s possible. These nutrient punched foods can prevent and even reverse the most common chronic diseases!


We all love the popular grain, i.e. quinoa. It is packed with protein and fibre, and thus, is a best friend of all the gym enthusiasts! This grain can be harvested right in the backyard from dried seed pods. The growing crop of quinoa provides a variety of arrays of colors over different stages. They are a visual treat through 90-120 days, which is when the grain harvests. Quinoa is gluten free and has a sufficient amount of almost all nine essential amino acids. This simple fact itself makes it a highly nutritious grain. Aside from that, the grain is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins which are extremely beneficial for the human body.


Green vegetables are considered the healthiest foods; however, Kale is a powerhouse you must include in your meals. It absorbs free radicals, helps manage diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and is also linked to preventing Alzhemers. The mild flavour of the early harvest is sweet and delicious as well as highly nutritious. Kale is one of the rare sources of vitamin K, which is an anticoagulant, meaning it helps in blood clotting in case of injury by preventing excessive loss of blood. It also contains fibre, antioxidants, calcium, iron, vitamin C as well as some other essential nutrients. Growing Kale out of seeds requires moderate sunlight and takes about 30-40 days.


Beets are famously and fondly known as nature’s multivitamin. These amazing red coloured bulbs can be used in everything from salads to soups to even crispy chips on the side! It helps in warding off diseases from the common cold to cancer, and if that’s not amazing, what could be? Besides, the leaves are as nutrient as the root and can be harvested as microgreens if one prefers it so. Beets are the vegetables that add color to the plate and nutrients to the diet. It is rich in iron and helps maintain haemoglobin levels in the blood.


We all love good parsley garnishing, don’t we? But in reality, Parsley should be the king of the meals. Parsley is a rich source of vitamin C, B12, A and K. It also helps in building bones and helps with joint pain. It is also known to improve the working of the nervous system. Growing Parsley requires at least five hours of sunlight and is a slow grower, but totally worth it when it has such amazing health benefits.


Gaining sufficient nutrition can be tricky, but when done right at home with complete hygiene, it can be at its best and provide not only general wellbeing but also a stress free environment for the body and mind to nurture themselves; so that they can work at their full potential. Besides this, there are always herbal dietary supplements that are always available to help with general wellness of your mind and body. NuvoMed natural dietary supplements in USA are some of the best of its kind.

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