Miracles Of Bacopa

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The herb of grace, famously known as Bacopa or Brahmi is traditionally attributed with detoxifying properties acting as laxative and astringent. The unusual combination of constituents in Bacopa containing Bacosides is known for attenuating brain function, promoting longevity and helps in combating mental inefficiency and illnesses as well as convulsive disorders such as epilepsy. The bacosides are the active components that are responsible for improvement of memory related functions, making bacopa one of the best memory tonics known to man. These components are known to have the capability to enhance the efficiency of transmission of nerve impulses which leads to strengthening of memory and other cognitive functions.

A water herb with slightly bitter taste, it can be easily home grown and used in salads or to experience the full extent of its miraculous medicinal properties, the herbal Bacopa supplements such as NuvoMed Bacopa pure plant extracts can be consumed on a regular basis. It is a simple and effective way of enhancing the cognitive function and boosting memory. The herb has been studied for centuries for the advantages and benefits it provides. Listed below are the few medicinal and beauty benefits of Brahmi that everyone can experience on regular consumption.


  • Brahmi is most commonly known for its cognitive packed nutrient nature which improves cognitive abilities by enhancing concentration, improving focus, and boosting memory.
  • It is also known to help Alzheimer’s or dementia patients by stimulating the brain function and by providing the brain with chemicals that it is unable to create.
  • Studies suggest that intake of brahmi can also help in resolving the respiratory issues and also provides fast relief to those dealing with congestion caused due to common colds, flu, or even bronchitis.
  • Brahmi is also known to help remove toxic cells that can later become cancer cells thus effectively acting as an anti-carcinogenic agent so that it helps us live a healthier life.
  • Bacopa also relieves stress and anxiety with its calming and soothing effects on the human body and brain.


  • Brahmi has been used since the historic times for its anti-ageing effects on skin and hair.
  • It is excellent for dealing with hair fall out. Bacopa naturally helps toughen and strengthen hair follicles while also promoting hair growth on regular usage.
  • Brahmi also mends the split ends and prevents more from happening.
  • Regular application strengthens the hair follicles, making hair grow stronger, thicker, and shinier. It is therefore a best remedy for thinning weak hair.
  • Brahmi can also help in treating dry scalp and dandruff. It acts like a natural conditioner and protects the hair roots.
  • Regular consumption of natural Bacopa supplements has anti-ageing effects and provides protection from degenerative diseases.

Bacopa is a miraculous herb used in many medicines and even the beauty products. It has multiple benefits, provides a soothing effect and reduces the effect of stress and anxiety to improve the cognitive function and improve focus and concentration in life.

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