Indoor Plants That Bring Greenery And Wellness To Your Homes

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It is said by the professionals that the indoor air is more impure than the outside air. That is because the air outside is free and changes whereas the air inside our homes gets stale and does not change often due to improper ventilation, air conditioners, and many other factors. In such a case, what does one do to get pure air full of oxygen? The answer is pretty simple. Indoor plants!

Many indoor plants are well known for their air purifying qualities and they also provide oxygen. Beides, little greenery always cheers up the room. Many of these plants require low to no sunlight and very less water. Even if it does require more water content, it does not require sunlight. Bonus point is that these plants are extremely low maintenance and some can go without watering for days and without sunlight for months. They don’t shed leaves like outdoor plants, there are no insects near these plants and they purify as well as beautify the house. Besides, some of them also have medicinal properties. What more can you ask from plants?

Here is a list of such amazing plants that will change your life forever!


The glossy leaved, lush green english ivy is a creeper that looks similar to the grape vine. The ancient greek and european cultures regarded english ivy at a high importance and some even termed it holy ivy of Dionysus (Greek God fond of Wine).

Botanically speaking, the english ivy is an evergreen perennial plant that is classified as woody vines. It has no standing stem of its own, so it can grow over the provided support or act as the ground/ wall cover. The aerial roots are its climbers and it can climb upto the height of 50 feet or more. Some ivy bears insignificant greenish flowers, but that is a rare occurrence. It can be easily classified as a foliage plant. All it requires to bloom in your homes is moist, fertile soil, partial to full shade, and little amount of water. English ivy is harmful when ingested by humans or animals, but it is an ornamental plant that keeps insects at bay.


The aloe vera plant is an easy-to-grow, attractive succulent that makes for a great indoor companion and requires very less attention. Aloe vera plants are extremely useful due to its cooling and soothing nature. The juice obtained from succulent leaves of Aloe Vera is useful for curing minor cuts, burns, and bruises when applied topically. It also soothes skin due to its cool nature and some people also ingest aloe juice to soothe the digestive system.

As for growing it at home, it’s extremely easy. As a succulent, it requires only indirect or artificial to no sunlight. Tiny amounts of ware from time to time and lots of love. It looks beautiful, heals your wounds and provides you with oxygen!


Peace lily is one of the favorites of all those with a green thumb. This plant resembling and belonging to the family of Calla Lilies has a soothing and calming appearance and is known for its air purifying qualities. The delicate white single petals look like they are dancing to the tune of wind blowing around making your home a happy place. Apart from cleansing the air we breathe and providing us with oxygen, it has a forgiving nature. Even NASA recommends the plant for purifying air.

To allow it to bloom, just provide it with some tender love, light partial shade, and some water from time to time. And if you forget to water and the leaves droop, just water immediately, you will be surprised at the rate of its revival. That is why it is known as a plant with forgiving nature.


If there were to be an award for the easiest to grow plant, it would go to the snake plant. Named after its long, twisty, luscious, dark green leaves, it is the most low maintenance plant with air purifying qualities ever! You can literally ignore the plant for long periods of time, it will still be standing tall and fresh, decorating your house and purifying the air you breathe. Additionally, it also removes the toxins from the air. It has very few insect problems, requires little to no light, and tiny amounts of water to survive. Provide a little fertilizer from time to time and you are set.

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