Importance Of Blood Purification

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Blood is the life force of the human body, but it can get polluted or contaminated during our duration of life quite easily. There are various reasons why that happens, it may be because of our lifestyle, eating junk food, lack of exercise, lack of water intake; the list can go on and on. All of these factors lead to fat accumulation, which in turn causes a hindrance in blood circulation. When blood circulation is obstructed by any of the above mentioned reasons, it leads to increased toxicity in the blood. This impure blood then travels all over the body, polluting our organs and cells. This can lead to a variety of health complications starting from skin rashes, acne formation to shot kidneys, enlarged liver and cardiovascular ailments. While there is no medicine that can effectively reset the blood to its natural pure state, there are herbs that can purify blood and rid you of the ailments that accompany impurity. The most important factor is to recognize what the causes of blood toxicity are and then work towards bringing back purity in the blood. The human body produces new blood cells every minute. Therefore, it is safe to say that each day, an individual has new blood cells vitalizing their body. In order to prevent this blood from forming various diseases and transferring pollution from organ to organ, it is extremely important to take blood purification seriously. You can often hear doctors saying, ‘Your blood is impure, and you need to cleanse your blood!’ However, nobody knows how exactly to go about the process of doing it. In this blog, you will find some simple ways to purify your blood in a hassle-free way so that your life will become easy, happy and healthy! Blood purification is the most common prescription for anything from a headache or acne to stomach acid and heartburn. Following is a list of some of the daily foods that have blood-purifying qualities which will vitalize your life.

  • Exercise, exercise and exercise! There is no escaping some hard work when your goal is as noble as blood purification. The endorphins released during a physical activity have multiple health benefits ranging from mood enhancement and fat burning to blood purification.
  • Swimming, stretching, yoga, cycling and hiking; these simple and recreational activities are effective in de-stressing your mind and body, keeping your blood pumping lively while maintaining blood toxicity levels to the minimum.
  • Neem, a bitter herb, is well known for its multiple health benefits, antioxidant properties, cooling effect and antiseptic results. Something most people don’t know is that Neem is an extremely effective blood purifier. In Indian culture, some people ingest fresh Neem leaves or drink Neem juice to maintain a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. However, you need not do something so drastic! NuvoMed natural Neem supplements available in the USA are capable of providing you with all the health benefits that Neem has to offer.
  • Haemoglobin enhancing foods such as beetroot, spinach, carrot, flax seed, apple, etc. are also extremely helpful in the regeneration of healthy blood cells with high haemoglobin content. Haemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to all the organs in the body, lacking which can cause lowered immunity, dullness, fatigue and drowsiness. To avoid such problems and lower the toxicity of the blood, eating iron rich food, fibrous food and green leafy vegetables is crucial.
  • Triphala, a combination of three distinct herbs, is well known in Ayurveda for its antioxidant effects and is widely used as a cure for the common cold and cough. Triphala has excellent properties that help in reducing the toxicity present in blood, thus reducing the ailments caused by impure blood while improving the blood quality and providing the body with mental wellness.
  • Detoxifying by eating healthy foods like fruits is another excellent way to cope up with blood toxicity. This not only purifies the blood but resets the body nutrient balance by providing all the nourishing nutrients required by the body for healthy growth and long term wellness.
  • The simplest and the silliest of blood purifiers is something you will never guess. That’s right, water! As silly as it sounds, water is a natural detoxifying agent. It flushes out toxins from the body and restores the flow of vitamins and minerals throughout the body. Therefore, it is necessary to stay hydrated at all times. Water throws out toxins in the form of urine from the body as our kidneys play a huge role in this entire process.
  • Turmeric Curcuma, a gem of an herb, has numerous health benefits. It helps in generating red blood cells and provides the body with essential nutrients which act as a natural health tonic. Turmeric, when mixed with milk, can purify blood and enhance liver functioning exponentially. NuvoMed Turmeric Curcuma natural health supplements provide an individual with all its wonderful benefits.
  • Blueberries are the best blood purifiers and probably the most tastiest blood purifiers out there. They are antioxidant rich and prevent liver damage. They have the excellent ability to remove heavy metals and harmful chemical toxicity from the body efficiently.

Some simple steps like daily exercise and consuming good food that aids in good blood circulation is all it takes to lead a healthy happy life. So, get your blood pumped up with positivity, and possibly some activity, de-stress your mind and you will see the wonders for yourself. Besides, purifying blood will also provide you with healthy kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, and intestine. If that’s not one heck of an added bonus, what is?

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