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How many times have we all laid in bed with sleep eluding us? Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning and worrying about all the problems in life, including those lost precious hours of sleep. Insomnia can trouble anyone and give you anxiety; however, on the other hand, anxiety can also be the cause of insomnia. Tricky situation, isn’t it? But, what if there is a simple solution to this problem? An herbal solution that offers peaceful sleep and much more!


Valerian root gets its name from the Latin verb ‘Valere’ which means strong, brave and healthy. This renowned herb has various amazing properties that made its way into the beautiful realm of magic. In Harry Potter, there is a mention of Valerian Root in the third year Herbology class as an ingredient in the Draught of Living Peace, and if that’s not the perfect description of the herb, we don’t know what is!

Any herb that has attained the near magical appearance due to its medicinal prowess is definitely worth trying, wouldn’t you say?


Imagine you had a long, tiring day. You come home and try to relax; however, sleep eludes all your attempts. Frustrating, right? So, the next time that happens, try brewing yourself a steaming cup of Valerian herbal tea. Often called “nature’s valium,” Valerian is an herb that has been used in ancient traditions for thousands of years. The delightful fragrance emanating from the concoction will put your mind at rest, anxiety at bay and grant you a peaceful sleep. The strong, earthy odor of the Valerian root is known for its sedative effects on the body.

So, how exactly does Valerian root work to relax us? It’s simple! The herb is loaded with antioxidants such as hesperidin and linarin. These antioxidants relieve the body of oxidative stress caused by the wear and tear of the body tissue. These antioxidants enhance immunity, induce sleep and promote wellness. The compounds present in Valerian root that promote sedative abilities such as valerenic and isovaleric acid interacts with GABA, a chemical that directly affects our brain and nerve impulses. Low GABA levels are known to be related to stress and sleeplessness; however, valerenic acid prevents the breakdown of GABA in the brain, providing tranquility and peace to the mind and body. Valerian root has proven to be one of the best herbal healthy sleep supplements in USA.


Anxiety is the reason for multiple health issues. Luckily, herbal stress care supplements in USA and natural healthy sleep supplements in USA such as Valerian root, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, etc. are easily available over the counter without prescription. NuvoMed mind and memory supplements are some of the best ones available in the market.

Valerian root has vast effects on the human body, starting with reducing anxiety, relaxing the brain and mind, and alleviating stress and its symptoms. One of the studies shows that Valerian root is linked with reduced physiological and psychological responses to mental stress and trauma. However, there’s more! Valerian herb has also demonstrated efficacy in treating conditions such as general anxiety disorder (GAD) and mild obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). How amazing is that!


Luckily, incorporating this powerful herb into one’s daily routine is as easy as breathing. Taking herbal supplements with a glass of water or milk just before turning in is simple and easy to follow without any added effort. Another way to enjoy the medicinal effects is to make Valerian root herbal tea; the earthy fragrance and mild flavor of the herbal tea are a double delight.

Life has enough anxieties, don’t let loss of sleep be one of them.


Valerian root is an amazing herb with multiple health benefits. The mythical connection sure makes it look cool and it lives up to its namesake for sure! If this isn’t worth trying, what is?

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