Happy Plants For The Happy Homes

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A happy home with indoor plants is a sign of a healthy home. It may seem far fetched but plants bring joy to life, remove toxins figuratively and literally, provide humans the life force, i.e. oxygen, and enhance life by reducing stress. Some indoor plants are also known to ease tension and reduce illness and allergies. Every indoor plant comes with its own set of rules and benefits. Most of them are easy to grow and maintain. Indoor plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and keep the Oxygen flowing, as they purify the air by removing toxins. This helps deter illness and create a happy, relaxed ambience that improves concentration, enhances energy and creativity, heightens attention, and increases productivity. Just the presence of plants fosters a healthier and happier working and living environment. Which is why, not just homes, but offices and workspaces also started introducing the green patch.

There are many indoor plants with various different benefits. Following are some of the easiest to grow plants that result in providing multiple benefits from simply purifying air and looking pretty to removing toxins and changing the ambience of the homes.


The hue green, leathery leaves of Aglaonema, or famously known as Chinese Evergreen grace every indoor space that adorns them. The plant tolerates low light conditions very well and is easy to maintain. As one of the most user-friendly indoor plants, the evergreens purify indoor air by absorbing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene from the environment.


Areca Palm, also known commonly as Bamboo Palm is the plant of many virtues. The gorgeously structured Bamboo acts as a natural humidifier while also acting as an air purifier. It refreshes the stale air amidst its surroundings and re-energizes the environment. Bamboo palm is known to clear the air of harmful agents such as formaldehyde and xylene. This beautiful plant requires very less light and is easy to grow and maintain. Just provide enough water and the plant is ready to offer full benefits.


Famously named after the twisty, wily spiders, the plant looks a lot more pretty and evergreen unlike the spiders. The bush-like plant with long leaves produces oxygen whilst purifying the air and ridding it of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene. Little light, plentiful water, and some fresh soil is all it takes to grow and maintain the spider plant. The roots multiply at a rapid rate which makes repotting the plant easy to create many other pots of this beautiful plant.


Rosemary, the daily spice that adds flavour to the food can also add greenery and peace to your life. The plant requires little light, some water and is stubborn to grow at a quick pace. But it is also the plant that’s stubborn to wilt away easily. The plant serves as an air purifier, fresh herb for the kitchen and as an elaborate and graceful decor for the indoor as well as outdoor spaces. As one of the most common spices, Rosemary is a plant of choice for many households, restaurants, and cafes.

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