Grow Your Very Own Garden Of Health

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Summer is the season of growth. It is the perfect time to grow your own garden and enjoy its reaps. But, why not grow our personal health garden instead of some other plants that may or may not survive the length of time? NuvoMed selects its plants and herbs carefully and vigilantly in order to get the best of pure plant extracts. It’s time you do the same at your home. Growing some of these healthy herbs is easier and more beautiful than you think!

Grow Shatavari- The Fertility Herb

In our previous blog, we spoke about how stress affects women. Shatavari is one of the herbs that NuvoMed uses for such problems. Shatavari is a part of the Asparagus family and, when translated, literally means ‘Hundred roots’. It is a beautiful ornamental vine that looks like a lush carpet on your pillar or wall and has a variety of health benefits. Growing Shatavari is very easy. It can be grown using seeds which are easily available online. Propagating it from an existing plant by cutting its stem by the bud and replanting it is another way to grow Shatavari. What’s best is that it requires low to moderate amounts of water, so if you forget to water your plants one day, it will still continue to thrive on its own! In fact, over-watering the plant can kill it. With pruning and composting from time to time, your Shatavari can bloom beautifully in your backyard. When the cure for your stress ailments is growing right in your backyard, you have no worries![

Grow Bacopa- The Memory Enhancer

Bacopa Monnieri, also known as Moneywort, is a bitter herb that has multiple health benefits. It enhances memory and improves focus. It is also an herb that can grow in the garden as well as an aquarium! Bacopa is an ornamental, flowering, aquatic plant. It requires a lot of water and a limited amount of vermicompost. The best part about bacopa is that it grows with limited to zero sun exposure. This  means that with water, it can thrive all year round. One of the specialities of Bacopa is that when it is grown in an aquarium, it grows straight upwards and does not creep around. However, when the shoot grows out of the water, it acts like a creeper and covers the water surface. When growing outside water, it also flowers. Summer is the flowering season for Bacopa. So, this is a perfect time to grow some. The best way to grow Bacopa is to propagate from the existing plant. Bacopa seeds are also easily available.

Grow Stevia- The Natural Sweetener

Stevia is another herb that can be homegrown. It is one of the most useful herbs to possess, especially if you have a diabetic person in your family or if you are looking for a healthy alternative for your sweet cravings. Stevia is a perennial plant, which means it can be grown around the year. It requires a warm temperature environment and a daily watering schedule. It can be easily grown in a warm spot indoors. Raw Stevia leaves are at least 40 times sweeter than sugar. However, when dehydrated and powdered, it is about 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Moreover, Stevia is a calorie-free sweetener and safe for people suffering from diabetes. Stevia seeds are easily available in the market.

Grow Moringa and Neem- The Natural Antioxidants

Moringa is another herb that can be grown at home. When planted in an open area, it can grow like a tall tree and bear pods. These pods can be consumed by cooking it in various delicacies. It can also be plated in a pot. However, it requires warmth and a moderate amount of water, which can be done indoors. Moringa leaves are also nutrient-rich and ground moringa leaves make a good face pack. Neem is another bitter herb known for immunity enhancement that grows in climatic conditions suitable for moringa. Neem, when grown in an open area, grows rapidly and has air purifying qualities.

We may delude ourselves into thinking that we nourish our garden, but that can’t be farther from the truth. It is, in fact, the garden that nourishes us. Plants provide us with nutrition and surround us with their beauty. Gardening is also known to have a zen-like calming effect on humans, which is an added advantage. So, pick up your tools and get ready. Grow plants for more than one reason; to please your soul, to calm your mind, to fill your kitchen, to challenge the elements, for novelty and for the beauty of it. Happy Gardening!

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