Effect Of Stress On Women

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We live our life at super speed. This speed is not usually inversely proportional to the brain’s ability to adapt to the change. This fast pace results in an increased heart rate. When the heart rate increases, the brain has a tendency to record that instance as a threat. So, when the same situation is presented, the brain recalls the threat and releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is commonly known as a stress hormone. Testosterone reacts differently in stressful situations. It has been observed that testosterone levels change with respect to stress, but it is also equipped with fighting stress at a higher rate. Women, however, react differently to stress. It is also observed that women are more susceptible to stress than men.

Men and women have very different anatomies, and anatomical changes are not only physical but chemical as well. Women possess female hormones, i.e. estrogen and oxytocin. Women also have low levels of testosterone. However, women are known to experience regular hormonal changes in their bodies owing to their anatomies. When the cortisol level increases, it wreaks havoc in their hormonal balance. Estrogen levels take a nosedive and oxytocin, or the feel-good hormone in women, suffers as a result. All these complex chemical changes lower a woman’s immunity, thereby opening the gates to a variety of health issues. A women’s brain suffers chemical changes through multiple stages of her life. Brain shrinkage is observed in case of higher hormonal activity, such as pregnancy. Stress also reacts in a similar way. Brain shrinkage is a physical effect on a woman that is not visible but can be observed in behavioral patterns. Irritability, fatigue, lowered memory and learning ability are all the signs indicating this issue. The more boring or more intense the activity is, the faster the brain gets tired. Loss of will power, frequent mood changes, and irritable behavior can later lead to depression, with no oxytocin available to elevate and uplift the mood. All these changes then affect the cardiovascular functions. Along with that, lower bone density is observed due to such high hormonal imbalance in the body. Libido is also affected due to hormonal havoc in the body.

A delicate balance of stress hormone with other hormones is crucial for normal thyroid functioning. When this balance tips over the scales, thyroid related problems arise rather quickly. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for women to maintain a delicate balance in their life and anatomy to stay healthy and fit. A healthy diet and exercise are some of the ways to achieve the goal, but it is not always that simple or possible with our hectic schedules. NuvoMed has a variety of dietary supplements made of pure plant extract for maximum potency and optimum effect. Shatavari, or Asparagus Root, is known for its unique ability to maintain hormonal balance and regularize menstrual cycles in women. It is also known for boosting immunity and supporting the reproductive system. Increase in milk production in lactating mothers is another advantage of this herb. Ashwagandha promotes homeostasis, i.e. is cell regeneration. Ashwagandha is known for its fortifying action on stress. NuvoMed also has a wide range of immunity and antioxidant products as well as mind and memory products made from pure plant extracts, which grants a higher potency rate as compared to other dietary supplements. Bacopa keeps the mind sharp and alert while Chamomile uplifts the mood by calming down the upheaval in the body caused by stress. Stress Care and Stress Relief are unique products designed solely for coping with stress and maintaining a healthy life.

So, beat the stress with herbal dietary supplements by your side. Stay happy and healthy, even in the most daunting situations.

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