Celebrating Motherhood With Herbs

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Motherhood is a celebrated period of every woman’s life; yet, there’s nothing quite as exhausting, or terrifying, as an idea of brand-new motherhood. While there are many nerve wracking and challenging tasks awaiting a woman, health doesn’t have to be one of them. There are many herbs that can help build health and maintain wellness. In this blog is the list of amazing herbs that can make motherhood a happy experience for both the mother and the baby. A number of herbs that are excellent for supporting physical and emotional well-being can also be safely taken during lactation as well as the postpartum period. These are the herbs that nourish and act as tonic herbs. They also help in increasing the quantity and quality of breast milk. It supports the nervous system, helps in relieving stress and regulates hormones. The herbs that promote breast milk are referred to as galactagogues.

Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian herb. It is an amazing adaptogen and helps enhance immunity. It reduces stress by gently supporting the adrenal system. It also reduces irritability and is a tonic that soothes the nerves. 

Gotu kola is a famous herb used since ancient times. It acts as a tonic for connective tissues which helps in restoring the uterine ligament tone. It also acts as an excellent nervous system and cerebral tonic. It reduces the nervous exhaustion and promotes mental clarity and thought processes. When taken with nervines such as Ashwagandha, maximum benefits of this herb can be reaped.

Hawthorne is a well known heart tonic. The berries, leaves and flowers all have a medicinal effect. A fortifying blend of berries, leaves and flowers can lead to stress reduction. It is an overall gentle tonic that can be paired well with Spearmint, Rosehips or Lemon balm and can consumed as herbal tea.

Nettle is a particularly nutritive herb that contains minerals and vitamins such as iron, potassium and silica. These are the nutrients that help in treating anemia, weakness and may help in stabilizing blood sugar. Nettle tea paired with spearmint makes a flavorful cup of herbal tea that boosts energy and reduces stress.

Calendula is a beautiful flower with mild fragrance. However, its beauty is not skin deep; the medicinal effects of the flower are widely known. The anti-inflammatory properties help in speeding up the healing process and acts as a natural first aid remedy. It soothes irritated skin and reduces stress.

Chamomile is a mild herb with the ability to soothe the mother and the baby. The herb’s gentle constitution is safe even for babies and promotes sleep. It can also ease pain and has anti-inflammatory effects. The herb relaxes the mother, and through the way of breast milk, it provides gentle relaxation to the baby. It can help in alleviating symptoms of milk colic in the baby.

Red raspberry leaf is a great pre-natal herb. It helps in gently toning the uterine lining and provides nutrients and minerals required during pregnancy. It is an amazing source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as iron and calcium. This makes it an excellent prenatal tonic. It is also known to reduce irritation and promote hydration in a woman.

Lavender is a pleasing herb with a wonderful fragrance. It reduces stress and gently calms the nervous system. It relaxes the mind and body and promotes healthy sleep. Not many herbs are gentle and safe enough for babies; however, lavender is definitely one of the herbs that is safe. The fragrance is pleasant for everyone to enjoy.

Lemon balm has mood uplifting qualities by enhancing mood and emotions. It acts as a tonic for the nervous system. The calming effect can be conveyed to the baby via the mother’s breast milk.

Paying attention to nutrition and relieving mental and physical stress during pregnancy can be time-consuming and exhausting. Doing something that benefits the mother and the baby both is not an easy task and has to be taken under consideration at every moment of the day. When amazing herbs can help, it is an opportunity that one must not pass out on. Motherhood can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. It is the time to enjoy the glow and experience this amazing change in your life.

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