All About Liver Care

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The largest organ in our body is often one of the most neglected organs. Yes, we are talking about the liver. The liver is often neglected and left out while talking about the digestive system. However, that shouldn’t be the case. The liver plays a key role in our digestive systems. Infact, all the solids, liquids, drugs, and medicines we consume go through liver processing. In layman terms, it is often referred to as the chopping board of the body. The liver breaks down all the things we consume down to its finest molecules and segregates the nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Therefore, if the liver is not functioning the way it should be, it results in deficiencies, immunity problems, digestive ailments and much more.

The liver helps in cleaning the blood by getting rid of harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. Some of these chemicals are created by the body, while most others are ingested with adulterated foods, canned food, aerated drinks, etc. The liver makes a liquid called bile which helps you break down the fat from the food while also storing the sugar called glucose, which gives the body a quick energy boost whenever required. Just because the liver is the largest and important organ does not mean, however, that it is complicated to care for it. Keeping the liver healthy is as easy as counting to 3. All that needs to be done is to avoid bad food and consume nutrient rich food. Here are some of the everyday foods and beverages that enhance the liver function and maintain liver health. First things first, there are three golden rules of liver health, and they are as follows:

Do not drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol causes cell damage in the liver, causing scarring and swelling.
Eat healthy and exercise regularly. An active lifestyle helps maintain a healthy weight margin and prevents non-alcoholic fatty liver.
Keep an eye on your medication. Certain medicines damage the liver if consumed for a longer period of time. Even painkillers like Tylenol can hamper the liver function if consumed regularly. Cholesterol medications usually have side effects that cause liver problems. Therefore, exploring herbal and natural supplements to control the conditions like these would be beneficial.

Now that the golden rules are established, let’s know more about the food and beverages that promote liver health:

Coffee, a well loved beverage, is an important accessory to maintaining liver health. Coffee prevents the built-up of collagen and fat, which are the two main markers of liver problems. It also decreases inflammation and increases levels of the antioxidant glutathione which neutralizes harmful free radicals and prevents cell damage. Coffee protects the liver from disease and reduces the chances of causing liver cancer.

Drinking 5-10 cups of antioxidant rich green tea improves liver enzyme levels and reduces the oxidative state as well as fat accumulation. It also improves the blood markers for liver disorders and promotes enhanced liver functioning.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts are high in fibre and rich in plant compounds. They increase the levels of detoxification enzymes and protect the liver from damage. Beneficial plant compounds help in raising the liver enzyme levels, decreases the oxidative state, and prevents fat accumulation.

Both the berries contains an antioxidant called anthocyanin which gives them their distinct color. Anthocyanins may help the liver in preventing fibrosis and scarring. Berries also improve immune response and increase the levels of antioxidant enzymes. Including berries in one’s everyday diet helps the heart and liver functioning and enhances immunity.

Beetroot is a natural source of nitrates and antioxidants called betalains, which benefits the heart’s health and reduces oxidative damage as well as inflammation. It is also known to reduce inflammation in the liver and increase levels of natural detoxification enzymes.

Nuts are nutrient-rich and contain a powerful antioxidant called Vitamin E. It boosts immunity, improves the heart and the liver’s health. Consumption of nuts improve liver enzyme levels and enhances liver functioning.

Grapes contain beneficial plant compounds called resveratrol. It is known to possess multiple benefits like lowered inflammation, prevention of scarring, and increased antioxidant action.

The liver can be a forgiving organ. All you have to do is follow the golden rules of liver care and eat healthy to stay healthy. Life is complicated enough; liver care doesn’t have to be.

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